Group Exhibitions



​잃어버린 시간의 연대기 [The Chronicle of Lost Time]

Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea 

2021. 04. 15 - 06. 20


전혀 다른 [Utterly Separate]

Gallery Planet, Seoul, South Korea 

2021. 04. 22 - 05. 21


실, 나에게 일어난 모든 일 [Everything that happened to me]

Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea 

2021. 03. 02 - 05. 09


Craved Whispers [새겨진 속삭임] 2020 

10th Yeosu International Art Festival, South Korea

Inspiration - Iconic Works  2020 

National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden 

Inspiration - Contemporary Art & Classics 2020 

ATENEUM Finnish National Gallery, Finland

Between creativity and daydream 2020 

The State Hermitage Museum, Russia


King Sejong and Music Chiwhapyeong Presidential Archives  2019 

Sejong Cultural Foundation, South Korea


START - Roland Mouret  2019 

Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.

Pick Me  2019 

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, South Korea


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Material  2018 

Cob Gallery, London, U.K.


Cob X DSM 2018 

Cob Gallery X DSM, London, U.K.



Korea Contemporary Ceramic  2017 

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, U.K.


Korean Eye: Perceptual Trace 2017 

Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.


Ceramique Contemporaine Corenne  2016 

Bernardaud Foundation, Limoges, France

Club Monster  2016 

Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea

Retrospect 2016 

Gallery Skape, Seoul, South Korea

La Terre Le Feu L'esprit  2016 

Grand Palais, Paris, France

Korea Tomorrow 2016 

Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea

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Changwon Sculpture Biennale  2016 

Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, South Korea


Please Return to Busan Port  2016 

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway


Prudential Eye Awards  2015 

ArtScience Museum, Singapore

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How to Construct a Time Machine  2015 

MK Gallery, Milton Keynes


Rain Doesn't Fall for Nothing 2015 

Kingston College Art & Design, Surrey, U.K. 

Have a Good Day, Mr. Kim!  2015

Michael - Horbach Foundation, Cologne, Germany

Probebühne 2015 

Museen Dahlem, Berlin, Germany

Encounter: the story begins with 2015 

Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, South Korea



Korean Eye 2014

Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.


DNA  2013 

Daegue City Museum, Daegue, South Korea

Glasstress, White Light/ White heat  2013 

Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass, Venice

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 18.39.00.png

Everyday Life 2013 

Asian Art Biennale, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


Synopticon - Contemporary Chinoiserie 2012 

Plymouth Museum/Saltrm House, Plymouth, U.K.

Material Matter  2012 

East Wing X, Courtauld Institute, London, U.K.

Ceramic Commune  2012 

Art Sonje, Seoul, South Korea


As Small as a World and Large as Alone  2012 

Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, South Korea

Korean Eye  2012 

Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.

Delivering in; Beyond the Boundaries of Physical Properties, Inter alia  2012 

Seoul, South Korea


Convergence  2011 

OCI Museum, Seoul, South Korea

Art to Wear 2011 

Plateau Museum, Seoul, South Korea

TRA: Edge of Becoming  2011 

Palazzo Fortuny, Venice TEFAF, Maastricht, Italy 

38°N Snow South: Korean Contemporary Art  2011

Charllote Lund Gallery, Stockholm

Nylon 2011 

Korea Cultural Centre London/ Korea Culture Service New York 

Poetry of in Clay: Korean Buncheong Ceramics from Leeum  2011 

Samsung Museum of Art, Asia Art Museum San Francisco San Francisco

Korean Eye: Energy and Matter 2011 

Museum of Art and Design, New York, U.S.A

Seekers of the Future of Memories 2011

Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 

Cheongju 2011

Cheongju, South Korea 


Moon is the Oldest Clock  2010

National Museum of Art, Deoksugung, Seoul, South Korea

The Alchemists  2010 

Edel Assanti Project Space, London, U.K

Memories from the Past  2010 

LEEUM, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

Fantastic Ordinary 2010

Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.


Art & Synesthesia  2009 

Seoul City Museum, Seoul, South Korea


artnplay 3 복사.jpg

Art n Play 2008 

Hangaram Museum, Seoul, South Korea

Nanjing Triennale  2008 

Nanjing Museum, Nanjing


Soft Power  2007 

Korea Foundation, W Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

Particular Libres, nouvelle génération d'artistes Coréens en Europe  2007

Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France


Through the Looking Glass  2006 

Asia House, London, U.K.

On, Cover Up  2006 

London, U.K. 

Budro_um: Softness 2006

Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea


Gwang-ju Biennale - Korea Express  2004 

Gwang-ju, South Korea

interim show 2004-3.jpg

Moving Project 2004 

Worburn Square, Slade School, London, U.K.


Chemical Art  2003 

Gallery Sagan, Seoul, South Korea


The 5th Moran Sculpture Grand Pix 2001 

Moran Museum of Art, Masuk, South Korea

Soft Outside/Solid Inside-Softness Crossing Over Solidness 2001 

POSCO Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea


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The Korean Young Artist in London 1997 

Sackvill Gallery, London, U.K.